Thursday, December 9, 2021
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Standup Paddlers Get Surprise Of Their Life From Orcas

While standup paddling Deception Pass, Jennifer Willkie Bull and friends had the surprise of a lifetime when a group of orcas breached all around...

Magical Sup Encounter With 2 Playful Orcas in New Zealand

Imagine being out on your inflatable sup in the ocean and 2 orcas come to play? Sounds like a dream sup session to...

Standup Paddler Stumbles On An Orca Feeding Frenzy

A couple out for a leisurely paddle and enjoying some majestic scenery, noticed a group of Orcas in the distance that appeared to be...

The Best Standup Paddling Orca Clip I’ve Seen Yet!!

I have seen quite a few standup paddling clips featuring Orca's, but this one takes the cake. These are beautiful intelligent and misunderstood...