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Perfecting The Drop & Pushing The Limits of River Sup

Featured in the Summer 2010 Edition of Standup Journal Valley Falls, West Virginia "Running a big rapid safely requires evaluating the consequences and understanding the...

Luke Hopkins 2X white water winner at this year’s Tuck Fest!

On April  21 - 23rd, while much of the paddling world was grinding it out in the surf and back water sections of the...

The Ultra Light Super Stable Body Glove Performer 11 Inflatable Sup

The Body Glove Performer 11 design and innovation from board designer and professional athlete, Luke Hopkins. Super Portable and Easy to Transport The portability of the...

Nikki and Luke Take On The Whitewater Section of Ottawa River

In this episode of Facing Waves, stand up paddle pro Nikki Gregg is in the Ottawa Valley where the ICF World Kayaking Championships are...

Gear: Add Onewheel To Your Sup Arsenal For Maximum Fun

Check out the new Onewheel as Mike Tavares, Luke Hopkins and shaper Zack Hughes use it as a new means of sup transport, while...

Sup River Stud Luke Hopkins’ Epic Skookumchuck Tidal Bore Session

Skookumchuck is a tidal bore in the ocean that delivers a river wave experience, it's really big wave that is on a schedule with...