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Standup for Women: a WND&WVS podcast with Gabby Reece

From growing up on a small Caribbean island, to becoming one of America's all-time fitness icons as a professional volleyball player to marrying the...

Laird Hamilton: Pioneer, Maverick, Outsider

Waterman. Icon. Legend. These are some of the words that have been used to decribe Laird Hamilton. A man who pioneered the sport of...

Man of the Sport: Laird Hamilton

By Steve Sjuggerud // Featured in the FALL 2010 Edition of Standup Journal “Anytime I’m doing something new and doing it alone, I just wonder,...

Kai Lenny: The New Generation of Well-Rounded Watermen

From the Summer 2009 Issue: The Wave Riders Written by TB Mott "The way I like to ride any sort of wave is to not think...

Laird Hamilton On His Hip Replacement, foil boarding and El Niño

The guys at WND&WVS have started a new podcast and they are kicking it off with a bang! EPISODE 1: LAIRD HAMILTON Russ, Kevin, and Jeff...