Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Dave Kalama Introduces New Imagine Surf Angler

https://youtu.be/tLwhgKHnLXU Dave Kalama Introduces the New Imagine Paddlesurf Sup Board the “Angler” A blow-molded hollow plastic board that’s 11’ long by 30” wide so...

Dave Kalama’s Proper Sup Grip Technique To Avoid Injury

Imagine Paddlesurf points out a common mistake most new paddlers make by gripping their standup paddle incorrectly which can cause injury and how to...

Dave Kalama Show’s Us the New “Fit” Standup Paddleboard

Dave Kalama announces the new Imagine Paddle Surf Co.’s “Fit” Standup Paddleboard Dave explains the Key Features and Benefits: 11’ long by 30” wide and...

Thousands of Butterflies 6 countries 1 Love: The Butterfly Effect

Standup Journal sits down with Tatiana Howard, founder of The Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Effect is a worldwide movement hinged on empowering and inspiring athletic...

O’Neill launches new global brand campaign “UNREASONABLE”

Featuring music from the new AWOLNATION album RUN Today, O’Neill, the legendary surf company founded by Jack O’Neill in Santa Cruz, California, launches their new...

Imagine Surf’s Dave Kalama Introducing the New Icon Inflatable DLX

http://youtu.be/E9sLT8n6m0k The Compressor Icon is a perfect all-around design that can do it all. The Icon is confidence boosting for flat-water paddling with generous volume...

Pro Tip From Dave Kalama: Sup Training Mindset

Dave Kalama takes us inside his mindset when going out for a training sup session. http://youtu.be/Hv10iycEFM0 In this episode, Dave Kalama talks about getting your mind...

3 Simple Techniques To Improve Your Sup Performance

Dave Kalama from Imagine Surf teaches us 3 important exercises that will help your maneuverability, endurance, and technique on your next standup paddling session http://youtu.be/KvsSnTPFSB0

Dave Kalama: TEDxMaui – Lessons from Riding Giants

Imagine Surf's ultra waterman and board designer Dave Kalama talks story about how he handled a HUGE double wave hold down at Jaws to...

Dave Kalama Walks Us Through The New Imagine Surfer

"Dave Kalama walks us through the unique features and benefits of the Imagine Surf Surfer. The Surfer is one of the most versatile SUP...

Imagine’s Adam Finer and Dave Kalama’s Latest Trip to Fiji

Anything can happen and it usually does when Dave Kalama jumps on a plane to put on his next Kalama Kamp... Imagine's Adam Finer...

An Urban Adventure with Dave Kalama and Friends

Leave No Trace Leave it to sup legend, Imagine's Dave Kalama to "stake a claim" and Leave No Trace; Enjoy this fresh new Imagine vid: http://youtu.be/bmbeIqG0AoU

Watch the World Series Finals at Turtle Bay on NBC

The World Series Finals at Turtle Bay to air this Sunday 23rd at 12:30pm EST on NBC The Stand Up World Series Finals at Turtle...

F-ONE team show you the beauty of the Tahitian Island

Once again the F-ONE team went off to discover new landscapes and live an extraordinary adventure. https://vimeo.com/fone/te-tainui Raphaël SALLES put on his captain's hat for the...

Stand Up World Series LIVE this weekend at Turtle Bay

World Series Finals to be the most spectacular yet and reaffirm Hawaii's stature as the ultimate proving ground In the surfing World, Hawaii has always...

Pro Sup Tips: Dave Kalama Shares His “Boxing Jab” Technique

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiEbLCzdWEI&w=620&h=349] Dave shares his technique for improving your stand up paddling stroke with his soft jab boxing technique. Let us know what you...

The Sup Movie World Premiere This Saturday

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4th The SUP Movie is looking absolutely amazing. It is going to premiere Saturday, October 4th at Dana Hills H.S. Baseball field...

How to go faster while standup paddling by Dave Kalama

Dave Kalama discussed tips on how to go faster while standup paddling—from the QuickFit paddle series from Quickblade Paddles. https://youtu.be/bdCuPDF5Yto

Sup Surf Legend Dave Kalama On How to Create Momentum

Dave Kalama discussed tips on how to create momentum while standup paddling https://youtu.be/HvXdaPxoXBY

Pro Sup Tips: Slow Down To Speed Up and Improve...

Dave Kalama discussed tips on how to slow down to paddle more efficiently while standup paddling—from the QuickFit paddle series. Shot by Chris Aguilar //...

How to save your back while standup paddling by Dave Kalama

Dave Kalama discussed tips on how to save your lower back while standup paddling—from the QuickFit paddle series from Quickblade Paddles // Shot by...

Dave Kalama’s Must Watch Inspirational Speech at Carolina Cup

This will be the most inspirational thing you see this week. Listen to his message and apply it to your life. I...

SUPAA and Manufacturers Announce Board Restrictions

By: CHASE KOSTERLITZ President SUPAA We are happy to announce that SUPAA and the leading board manufacturers in the world have agreed to establish stand...

Paying surfboard or sup baggage fees sucks!

Welcome to the 2014 Airline Surfboard Boardbag Fee Guide For Stand up Paddleboarders. Every year we contact all the airlines and find out how much they...

Dave Kalama Interviews Jamie Mitchell About Belhara France

http://youtu.be/fyEdjmjVx4s Dave: So the first thing I thought when I saw that picture was, before I got over got over the “holy shit” and the...