Ronny Kiaulehn


    Ronny Kiaulehn was born in a little town near Munich, Germany
    in 1968. He received his first camera, an Agfa Pocket on his 6 birthday, then bought a Pentax ME with his brother when he was 12. At 14, Kiaulehn had the key to his school’s darkroom, from then on; he spent more time developing his photos than focusing on school work. It was at the same time that Kiaulehn discovered windsurfing. In 1986, he moved to the Canary Islands in pursuit of his dream to become a professional windsurfer. Kiaulehn was already shooting windsurfing as well as his friends in and around the water at the time.

    In 1989, he began working in the R&D department of a large windsurf company. His job was to test their equipment, boards and sails, in oceans and seas all around the world. After leaving that job in 1996, after 10 years of being in touch with water and the power of nature every day, Kiaulehn couldn’t imagine getting an office job– that’s when he decided to spend all of his savings on professional camera equipment to get back into photography.

    He started out doing mainly surf/windsurf photography in the beginning, and then extended into mountain biking photography. His work then began including all kinds of outdoor sports, like running, road biking, sailing, and stand up paddling, etc. Now he also does other kinds of photography such as lifestyle, fashion, portrait and quite a bit of studio photography. Working for some of the leading sports brands in the market.

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