Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Summer 2022

The Summer 22 Issue of Standup Journal provides a deepening insight into the great WHY of waterlovers. What drives us and why are we always seeking to spend more time on the water, connecting with nature and diving ever deeper into our passion for watersports. 

Read about April Zilg’s solo OC-1 adventure of paddling 333 miles to Cape Hatteras from her home on Lake Hyco, North Carolina in order to deepen her connection to her own true north. Hear how Austin Kalama found his way to becoming a professional waterman by striving to maintain his integrity and make his own name, all while growing up in the footsteps of a legend like his dad, Dave Kalama. You’ll love Mariele Guerrero’s quest to circumnavigate her homeland of Nova Scotia via paddle board, only to learn that what she found along the way was greater than the goal she’d had in mind. Enjoy Bart de Zwart’s recent trip to the Maldives and see how this multifaceted waterman brought all his skills into the moment on this fantastic voyage. We are also privileged to hear from waterman legend Felipe Pomar who, at 78 years young, teaches us how to stay fit and healthy so we can continue to draw from the well and continue to do what we love for a long time into the future. We wrap up with, of course, the humor of Steve West who reminds us – no matter what – to have fun with it all and choose the path that works for you, because sometimes chasing the crowd is no fun.  

We hope you enjoy this SUMMER 2022 issue of Standup Journal and share your endless stoke with others. Let’s keep elevating this planet!