Victoria Burgess

    VICTORIA BURGESS Athlete Profile

    I have lived most of my life in South Florida. My life has always revolved around being active, healthy, fit and into many sports. I started surfing when I was 19 years old on a longboard and haven’t stopped since. Living in Florida it can often be flat, so I caved into the SUP world in late 2013 and have been SUP surfing and racing ever since. I have had some amazing experiences around the world, most recently competing in the M2O in 2016- an experience I will never forget.

    Participating in surfing and SUP is not only my personal passion but I also love spreading the aloha. I host, alongside Roray Kam, one of Floridas biggest races, The RK Sunshine SUP Series and am one of the head coaches for the Broward County Special Olympics SUP team. I am also actively involved in our local Surfrider chapter as well as Surfers for Autism.