Sonni Hönscheid


    I was born on Sylt, a little island in the North Sea. My father was a professional windsurfer, we traveled around the world, spending a lot of time in Hawaii. When I was 5 years old, we moved to the Canary Islands. I started windsurfing and surfing. In 2009 we started Stand Up Paddling, but just in waves until I did my first race. I love being in the water – I´m addicted to saltwater 🙂 .

    My other passion is the art – it´s the perfect balance for me with the sport. When I´m paddling I want to be the fastest. When I´m painting I can take my time. Painting is like writing diary for me about all my experiences, surroundings, new places and cultures, etc. 2018 is my 3rd art exhibition. I also design for companies like Jucker Hawaii, Chiemsee clothing and Starboard (stay tuned for the Tikihine / Go range coming out soon!). Since last year I´m a brand ambassador for Mercedes Benz, they decorated my van with the art.