Connor Baxter

    Portrait Connor Baxter

    Raised on the water, Connor began competing in windsurfing and surfing events at the age of 8.
    By 14, he was surfing the biggest waves in the world – becoming the youngest person to ever windsurf the infamous Jaws break.

    At 16, Connor shifted his focus to Stand-Up Paddle and immediately became the sport’s prodigy after setting a world record at the Molokai-2-Oahu World Championships, 4 minutes ahead of the closest competitor.

    Now 22, Connor’s accolades have only grown more impressive. He is the Stand Up Paddle World Champion, the Fastest Paddler on Earth, two-time SUP Athlete of the Year, four-time Male Paddler of the Year, Battle of the Paddle Champion, two-time Pacific Paddle Games Champion and has more than 100 1st place finishes.

    With the prime of his career ahead of him, Connor has become the trailblazer for the world’s fastest growing water sport.