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    Campbell Carter SUP Surf SIC Maui

    We are STOKED to welcome Campbell Carter of Wrightsville Beach, NC to the Standup Journal #promotethestoke Team Rider program.  Campbell, at 14-years-young, is a charger and SUP racer in the Open Men’s division in local and national races. He is a motivated athlete and supports other Junior riders in the Wrightsville Beach Junior Elite racing program in order to encourage more young riders like himself on the water having fun!

    Welcome to the team, Campbell!


    Campbell Carter: Charging Hard for Wrightsville Junior Elite SUP :

    At 14 years old, Campbell Carter is a well known SUP racer and presence on the water in Wilmington NC. Campbell began racing at age 10. Now, under the tutelage and training of local waterman Jarrod Covington, owner of Wrightsville SUP, Campbell’s passion for watersports continues to flourish. In 2016, Covington along with Campbell and his parents, founded the Wrightsville Beach Jr Elite (otherwise known as “JETS”) in order to inspire more kids to participate in watersports.

    Today, Campbell has a natural connection to the water and finds comfort as a stand up paddler, SUP Surfer and paddler on his OC1. He also loves to scurf. Campbell enjoys training with the JETS team and racing together. At SUP races, the team seeks out other Juniors to involve them in all of their team activities.

    Campbell was lucky enough to be supported by local shaper, Ian Balding, until 2018 when he joined team SIC Maui as a Junior Tech Team Rider. That same year he joined Salt Life as an ambassador.

    Campbell Carter Surf Laura Glantz photo
    Campbell Carter surfs, SUP surfs, races and rides his outrigger canoe. He is developing all around waterman skills to promote his SUP racing. Photo by: Laura Glantz

    Training Hard:  How He Does It

    Campbell trains hard 5 to 6 days per week by choice. He goes to Crossfit 3X per week for dry land training and paddles 2 to 3 days per week, weather permitting. There are many locals in the Wrightsville Beach area who work with Campbell on his overall training program. They include:  SUPvelocity with Rod Clayton, paddling with Jarrod Covington at Wrightsville SUP with Campbell’s dad, Eric. He also works out at Crossfit with trainer Joel Hartzel. Everyone has the same goal of achieving a happy, healthy kid.

    Campbell Carter crossfit SIC Maui
    Campbell uses CrossFit as a way to further his strength and endurance training in the gym. He is a member of the CFCB community.

    High School: A Whole Other Route to Discipline

    Recently in 2019, Campbell entered his first year of high school and he will be adding a few school sports to the list. He is looking forward to being on the swim team and track team this year to enhance his training. He is a National Beta Club member since 2016 and maintains an A/B average in school while taking honors classes. It is a true balancing act.

    Campbell currently races a 12’6 x 22 SIC RS and focuses on his placement among the Overall Men’s division.  It has been a big growth year physically for Campbell as he’s grown 5 1/2 inches in less than one year!

    Campbell Carter SUP Surf SIC Maui
    Campbell loves to get out on his SIC RS 14 x 23 board, three times per week. This kid loves water!

    Where He’s Been / Where He’s Going:  Campbell Carter on the Rise

    As mentioned previously, in order to test himself, Campbell now competes in the Overall Open Men’s divisions to see how he stacks up. Here are his 2018-2019 results to date:

    Carolina Cup Money Island:  2nd Overall Male
    Bay Bridge 9 mile:  1st 17u/11th overall Male
    Standup for the Hooch:   15th overall male
    Paddle4Purpose:   1st 17u / 7th overall

    Campbell participated in the Pacific Paddle Games in 2018 and found his love for the ocean and Men’s technical racing.  He placed 11th and 12th in the 12-14 age group.

    Future Goals:
    Move up within SIC to Jr Pro
    Have fun!
    Travel to more races
    Share my passion to paddle with others

    Campbell Carter Rob Fioresi
    Here is Campbell with Standup Journal Team Rider Rob Fiorisi at the Carolina Cup. Seeing these young guys together make us look GOOD.

    What Else?

    In Campbell’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends. He works part-time at Wrightsville SUP in the summers with his coach, Jarrod Covington. Campbell likes to play Xbox because, after all, he is 14! He enjoys hanging with his dog, Trooper and he loves photography too. He recently sold photos last year to pay for his plane ticket to PPGs.  Now, that’s impressive!

    Campbell is a great ambassador for the following brands:

    SIC Maui
    Salt Life
    Wrightsville SUP
    Wrightsville Beach Jr Elite
    Stand Up Outfitters
    Standup Journal

    We are PROUD to have you on the journey with us, Campbell! It is young riders like you who truly #promotethestoke of stand up paddling.  Stay tuned for MORE from this young Team Rider in the months ahead!


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