Circumnavigate: One Man’s Drive to Paddle Around Great Britain

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Brendon Prince makes it his mission to stand up paddle around Great Britain to raise awareness about water safety.  His travel and peril make it one of the most significant paddleboard expeditions in several years. Watch the trailer below to get glimpse of Circumnavigate: The Story of the Long Paddle.

Mission:  Water Safety & Importance of Men’s Mental Health

When Brendon Prince left shore on April 24, 2021, he had been regularly paddling 100km per day along the south coast of Devon and beyond. Yet, he had no idea if he would be able to achieve the monumental task of stand up paddling around the shores of Great Britain.

WHY?  Prince believes that in the history of watersports around the U.K. there is not enough awareness around the important topic of water safety. Tragedies from his past as a lifeguard forced huge changes in his life to pursue water safety education.

Since that pivotal moment, he has devoted his time to promoting water safety education. He is chairman of the Surf Life Saving Club in Devon and has formed a charity titled,  Above Water.  He also wanted to build an event with the potential to promote water safety around mainland Britain. That is how his paddle journey around Great Britain, known as The Long Paddle, was conceived.

In order to potentially save one person’s life from drowning, he put himself through the ultimate test … and inspired a generation in his wake.

Brendon Prince Circumnavigate the long paddle

Circumnavigate:  Move Premiere

Circumnavigate:  The Story of the Long Paddle, a film about Price’s epic journey, premieres this Friday, March 18th and 23rd at Pavilions Teigmouth in South Devon. Filmmaker Will Reddaway captures a the expedition and the WHY a man would leave his family for almost 5 months to become the first person to circumnavigate mainland Britain via stand up paddleboard. The film is 92 minutes and will include a short talk by Brendon and Will following the film.

Does Brendon Price make it??  You’ll have to tune into the film to find out!



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