VIDEO: Progression & Quality in 2022 Fanatic Carbon Foil Range

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Fanatic International releases their new Fanatic carbon foil range for 2022.  In it, multiple options for mast length and wing setups including a thinner profile and shorter carbon cord length create a winning combination for progressing your style and targeting performance goals in the year ahead! Watch video below for full description and details to get you riding higher.

Higher Performance, Less Drag:  Fanatic Releases New Foil Range

Take your riding up a notch or two with Fanatic’s carbon foil range. After two years of research and development, these 2022 carbon foils are designed to take the punches of your rising level in performance.

How Did They Do It?

Fanatic’s engineering team has gone through through intense research and development. Consequently, they’ve run multiple simulations with attention to detail including months of on-the-water testing on each prototype. Fanatic’s initiative is building carbon masts and fuselages that not only feel solid and perform, but also withstand the forces of riders pushing the air game. Good news! With five new masts lengths (60, 75, 92, 90 and 105cm) and three fuselages (68, 78 and 90), this Fanatic carbon range offers the right combination for any foiler out there from beginner to advanced.

BREAKING NEWS:  A thinner profile with shorter cord length carbon creates a foil mast that is both lighter and stronger. Plus, additional refinements to the mast-fuselage connection gives this foil setup 14% less drag than standard profiles. Now, that’s a foil range worth exploring!

Check out the SkyWing
Fanatic’s Inflatable Wing Foiling Board

Fanatic Duotone carbon foils
Aim higher, and stay there longer with the new Fanatic carbon foil mast, fuselage and wing setups. Photo: Fanatic

Fanatic X Duotone Collaboration:  The Carbon TE:

At the top of the new carbon range, Fanatic designed a mast made for riders pushing the limits. The 82cm Fanatic X Duotone COLLAB Team Edition mast includes a faster profile, reduced weight and an extremely rigid High Modulus Carbon layup. It’s been tested by team riders under multiple conditions and geared towards maximum performance in lift, speed and surf. Fanatic foil designer Jerome Boniex attests that there have been no breakage or mishaps while riding the carbon range.

This thing is solid,” he says.

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