Last Known Coordinates: Chris Bertish Film on TransAtlantic SUP Crossing

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NEWS UPDATE: Chris Bertish to release “Last Known Coordinates” film on solo stand up paddle journey across the Atlantic. Watch the trailer below and get motivated to take on the impossible.

When you are inspired by some extraordinary purpose, all your thoughts break their bonds. Your mind transcends limitations. Your consciousness expands in every direction and you suddenly find yourself in a new wonderful world you never realized existed before.” – Chris Bertish

Last Known Coordinates on Streaming Platforms August 17, 2021

At long last, the transformational odyssey of extreme athlete and stand up paddler Chris Bertish on his historic SUP crossing of the Atlantic ocean, solo and unsupported, will be available on streaming platforms worldwide.

On August 17, 2021 “Last Known Coordinates”, a much anticipated feature film about 4,050 miles of stand up paddling across open ocean, without boat support and doubled down by danger and unrelenting conditions is due for release across digital platforms including Apple iTunes, Google Play and Vimeo on Demand.  The film will captivate, motivate and inspire viewers with its impact, bravery and iconic cinematography. What this man went through in his 93 days of paddling across the ocean alone is nothing short of extraordinary. Now, he finally tells the tale.

“I knew that it was possible,” he said when so many people told him his transatlantic venture was a dangerous dream. He set out to prove for himself once and for all that he could do it. His powerful WHY behind this effort included raising capital for charity projects across South Africa to benefit children in need. His motivation met with his momentum and he became unstoppable.


Join Standup Journal for a Facebook LIVE interview with Bertish on Tues., August 17th @ 5PM PCT and 8PM EST to discuss the making of this spectacular film, hardship vs. perseverance and the mindset of absolute success. Log in to Facebook @standupjournal to hear the champion speak about what it takes to achieve the impossible.

Learn more about Chris Bertish & his new project at:

Now, the film will tell the tale.  Are you ready?

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