Fanatic Releases AL 3.0 Foils: Lighter, Faster, Stiffer

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Fanatic Foils releases their highly anticipated new aluminum 3.0 mast & fuselage combo.  Get ready for added performance across the water!

Fanatic NEW Aluminum Foils = Upgrade in Performance

Fanatic releases the all new Fanatic AL 3.0 mast/fuselage setup. This all new aluminum foil delivers a massive step forward in performance.

What’s different?
19.5 % lighter
Reduced drag / faster

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FAX22_Olivia_Foil_AL30_PatriMcLaughlin-02662 Fanatic SUP
Fanatic’s new AL 3.0 mast & fuselage set up comes in lighter, faster and stiffer for better performance & less drag. Sure to upgrade your game for the better! Photo by: Patrick McLaughlin/ Fanatic Foils

Lighter, Stiffer, Faster:  Fanatic AL 3.0 for All Levels

The new mast & fuselage set up enhances performance due to added stiffness with an optimized drag behavior. Plus, it is almost 20% lighter compared to Fanatic’s previous masts and fuselages! That’s a winner.

A new trim adds to performance without compromising ease of use. The AL 3.0 is available in four mast lengths: 60cm, 75cm, 82cm and 90cm. In addition, two fuselages, including the 68cm “advanced” and adjustable 78cm “all-round” cover all aspects of Wing, Prone or SUP Foiling.

FAX22_Olivia_Foil_AL30_PatriMcLaughlin-02230 Fanatic Foils
Fanatic Foils AL 3.0 are made for Wing Foiling, Prone Foil, and Windsurfing. Photo by: Patrick McLaughlin / Fanatic Foils


Fanatic’s AL 90cm is a performance dedicated fuselage for Windsurf Foiling. Each 3.0 fuselages are compatible with Aero & Aero High Aspect wings as well as the new Flow wings with updated mountings.

See Fanatic’s AL 3.0 setup for Surf, SUP, Wing Foils

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