SUBTECH: Expedition to Raise Awareness about Baltic Whale

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Swedish adventurers Sören Kjellqvist and Måns Kämpe to row 6,000km across the Atlantic to raise awareness to the plight of Baltic Whale in an expedition supported by Subtech.


SUBTECH Expedition Details:  Portugal to Caribbean

Expedition: Row Across the Atlantic
Crew: Swedish Adventurers Sören Kjellqvist, Måns Kämpe
Purpose: Bring awareness to the endangered Baltic whale a.k.a. “the harbour porpoise”
Where: Portugal to Caribbean across the Atlantic
Distance: 6,000km
Duration: 3 months (Start: Nov/Dec 2021)
Average distance: 100km/day
Currently: Out at Baltic Sea during their test row from Torö to Visby, Gotland during Almedalsveckan (political meeting)

Bags used: PRO DRYBAG 45L | PRO DRYBAG 100L


Rowing Across the Atlantic:  What Does it Take?

Imagine rowing in shifts for four hours: row- eat- sleep- repeat almost without pause for three consecutive months.That is exactly what Swedish adventurers Sören Kjellqvist and Måns Kämpe are planning to do. These passionate and talented seamen will row an entire 6,000km expedition from Portugal across the Atlantic to the Caribbean to raise awareness about a near-extinct mammal:  the Baltic Whale.

SUBTECH ROW across Atlantic ocean FOR BALTIC WHALES 4



Rowing to Raising Awareness for Plight of Baltic Whale

In winter of 2021-2022, Måns Kämpe and Sören Kjellkvist will row across the Atlantic to spotlight the endangered Baltic whale or “harbour porpoise”. Måns and Sören will launch their expedition from Portugal and complete it in the Caribbean, a journey that will take them approximately 6,000 kilometers. They expect the entire experience will take roughly 3 months. Daily reports will be provided during their expedition to provide listeners with facts and figures about the harbour porpoise. Currently, there are only approximately 500 harbour porpoise left in the Baltic Sea. That is surely a fact in that requires further attention.

Baltic Whale Subtech

Expedition Support by Subtech:  Dry Bags with Purpose

SUBTECH is proud to support this initiative and as the drybag brand firmly believes in missions that are a way to influence urgent actions needed in government in order to prevent extinction and save the harbour porpoise species. Måns and Sören are prepped to conduct an extreme and dangerous adventure to say the least. Two guys alone in a small boat with nothing more than absolute necessities and their paddles to row across the Atlantic.

SUBTECH ROW across Atlantic ocean FOR BALTIC WHALES 6

A waterproof bag that has the potential to keep them and the boat afloat if a worst case scenario should occur is obviously a great asset.

SUBTECH ROW across Atlantic ocean FOR BALTIC WHALES 7

The Journey Begins for Måns and Sören

In preparation, Måns and Sören will row from Stockholm to Visby during the Almedalen Week (3-6 July, 2021) to begin their journey of awareness about the Baltic harbour porpoise. The Almedalen Week is an annual event with several political activities taking place on the Swedish island Gotland every summer.


Stay tuned for more news on this and other critical adventures as Standup Journal spotlights radical people using watersports in innovative ways to heal the earth and protect the planet.  Mahalo!

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