Chris Bertish talks about ImpiFish: His Craft to Wing Foil across Pacific Ocean

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Chris Bertish discusses modifications made to ImpiFish, the paddle craft that saw him across the Atlantic in 2017 and will soon be his vessel to wing foil across the Pacific this June. A fascinating display of workmanship and innovation with never-before-seen foil additions and satellite communication systems to push the edge of possibility as with everything Bertish ever does. Watch the video to learn more.

Modifications made to ImpiFish for TransPac Wing Project

In this short video, Bertish unveils the enormous modifications he’s made to his seaworthy craft, the ImpiFish, based upon everything he learned from his transatlantic SUP Crossing in 2017.

Chris Bertish explains about the specialized wings and foils being added by Armstrong Foils to the 19′ craft for his upcoming TransPac Wing Project . These modifications will reduce the whetted surface in order to increase the craft’s speed and stability. Bertish also highlights other dynamic upgrades including the hydrocharger, hyrdovane and windvane built to ensure every aspect of the craft is completely powered by nature. The advancement of the satellite communication systems represent an innovation in SatCom technology that has never been seen or used before. Bertish’s goal is to be able to give live feeds into classrooms and board rooms from the middle of the Pacific Ocean in order to talk about conservation, ocean health and sustainability. The ImpiFish represents a completely rebuilt vessel that will allow Bertish to wing foil, solo and unsupported, across the Pacific.

The Chris Bertish Foundation just announced their launch party event, scheduled for May 28, 2021 in Half Moon Bay, California. Chris will be on hand to answer questions, showcase the ImpiFish and talk about his strategy to wing foil between 100-180 miles per day – according to conditions – in order to cross 3,000 miles of open ocean. He estimates the time of his travel will be around 50-55 days before he arrives in Hawaii.

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Chris Bertish Standup Journal cover shot
Standup Journal’s Fall 2017 edition is a collector’s edition in its capture of the famous SUP Crossing.

Aloha, Chris.  May the wind always be at your back & the seas rise to meet you.

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