Don’t Paddle Here: Down the Chute with the Infinity Downtown Dugout Paddleboard

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Taking it to the limit on the 14′ Infinity Downtown, owner Dave Boehne finds some gnarly rapids to test his stand up paddleboard’s agility in Dana Point, CA in this quick video.


Place yourself here. Ever want to put your paddleboard through its paces and challenge the dynamics in some unruly rapids? That’s what Infinity SUP shaper Dave Boehne did with the 14′ x 24″ Infinity Downtown dugout raceboard. 

Here are the details on this redesigned dugout board by Infinity SUP.

Infinity Downtown:  Downwind / Open Ocean / Choppy Waters

Fast moving, stable and easy to manage in the bumps, Infinity shaper Dave Boehne kept the Downtown’s original bottom design concept for paddlers but updated several other smaller design features.

Moving the board’s cockpit further back aided in building in additional volume and a more strategically placed recovery volume on this dugout board. The Downtown’s nose has been refined with added curve from the bottom up to create more kick in the front in larger swells. Also, stand up paddlers will notice a slightly softer entry on the nose that creates ample forgiveness in the cross-swell. The board’s high volume up front in the nose also makes Infinity’s Downtown incredible upwind and into the chop.

The 2021 Downtown’s “dugout” version is taller with more upright rails creating a 1.5″ wider standing zone. This eliminates the closed stance feeling some riders report when paddling a dugout style cockpit. The updated race board also features six drain holes to release water that may enter the cockpit while in heaving seas or down winding. Side drains can be covered with orange caps.

Want a deeper look at the Infinity Downtown SUP?  Check it out on the Infinity website HERE.