TECH TIP TUESDAY: New Video Series from APP World Tour

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Let’s listen in on the APP World Tour’s new content series, “Tech Tip Tuesday” as Dreu Murin talks to Chris Freeman from Black Project SUP and Dave Boehne from Infinity Surf.  Between these two guys there is a LOT of wisdom to be shared.  Listen up:

TECH TIP TUESDAY:  Boards & Paddles

Watch the video above for an informative talk between two industry gear heads regarding standards of design and innovation of equipment happening within the world of stand up paddling. This newly hatched episode ranges from the latest in SUP engineering to the ethos behind the brands that design high quality equipment.

“A lot of people were using paddles that were poorly suited for them… it’s all about protecting the body & making things easy.” – Chris Freeman

This week the APP World Tour sits down with Chris Freeman of Black Project SUP and Dave Boehne of Infinity Surf to discuss their recent collaboration on the Infinity Flash Paddle. This new paddle blade comes from discussion between these two gear designers, plus input from world champions paddlers.

Infinity Flash Paddle: Collaboration with Black Project SUP & World Champion Paddlers

Design development for the new Infinity Flash SUP Racing Paddle stems from the Hydro blade from Black Project. Freeman uses different shafts throughout his paddle line. Boehne was given free range in shaft diameters and blade sizes. Together, they worked with world title athletes like Seychelle and Shae Foudy to obtain the flex and feel on the blade that they desired. The end result?  Stable through the water and easy to get in and out of the water particularly at a high cadence.  Due to its technology and super lightweight construction, Freeman says paddlers get, ” an ultra direct feel, you know exactly what the paddle is doing.”

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And, stay tuned for more tips on Tech Tips Tuesday from the APP World Tour!