Pau Hana releases Solo SUP: The World’s First ‘Hikeable’ SUP

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INNOVATION on TAP:  Pau Hana Surf Supply launches revolutionary new design: the world’s first ‘Hikeable’ Paddleboard with Solo SUP™!

Now, alpine lakes or hard-to-access bodies of water are eminently attainable when you have the Solo SUP™ by Pau Hana Surf Supply, an innovative first ‘hikeable’ paddleboard, designed specifically for outdoor adventures, backcountry hikers, fly fishing and bike packing. Check out the video below to find out how your water adventures just got easier.

Solo SUP™:  Get Ready for Backcountry Paddle Adventures!

The Solo SUP™ by Pau Hana Surf Supply is a compact, inflatable SUP with all the bells and whistles for adventure. Intelligently designed, well constructed and lightweight for travel, the Solo SUP™ will inspire your next paddle adventure. “Hikeable” means having all the necessary conveniences of a board and necessities of a hike readily available and self contained inside a single bag that is lightweight and easy to carry.

“The inspiration was to fit everything: board, paddle, pump and beverage into a true backpackable, portable package so paddlers could hike in or out of remote locations.”

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The World’s First ‘Hikeable’ Paddleboard now fits in a drybag backpack and, at 23 lbs, it is ready for your next adventure.

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Pau Hana Surf Supply launches revolutionary design in their new hikeable paddleboard, specifically designed for backcountry hiking, bike packing, fly fishing and outdoor adventures. The inspiration was to fit an entire Solo SUP kit: board, paddle, pump, leash, fins and accessory bag  into a backpackable, portable package so paddlers can hike in or out of remote locations. This new product, weighing only 22 pounds fully loaded, is designed specifically for backcountry digital nomads, water adventurers and/or individuals who wish to explore out-of-the-way waterways. Now, you can hike in.

“Our aim with the Solo SUP™ was to break down the barriers of places accessible with a paddleboard”

Your water world has just opened up. Solo SUP™ contains everything a paddler needs to get on the water quickly and with style. Travel plans? No problem. It fits into the overhead compartment on airplanes to make your next vacation easy and SUP-filled. Did we mention it’s only 22 pounds?

Size, Weight & Construction:  New Revolution in Design of SUP

Board Length:  10’10
Width:   30″
Thickness:  6″
Weight of Board:  14.8 lbs
Full Weight of Package:  23 lbs

Solo SUP™ is a breakthrough product in size, weight and portability. Designed by Pau Hana for maximum lightness and organization, creating the kit was an exercise in the art of Japanese organization principles. Built for convenience, portability and travel by the people who use it, Solo SUP™ will revolutionize the way you view the world you want to paddle.  Less bulk, more travel.

Challenged by the need to reduce bulk and save space, part of Pau Hana’s innovative design includes a newly patented paddle blade construction for the Solo Paddle™. This soft, rollable paddle blade is configurable as both a full-size SUP paddle and a Pack Raft canoe paddle. It is lightweight, compact, modular, and space-efficient.

“Solo SUP™ will revolutionize the way you view the world you want to paddle.”

Pau Hana Surf Supply Solo SUP hikeable paddleboard

What’s in the Pack?

10’10 Solo SUP™ inflatable paddleboard
Solo SUP mini pump
Drybag backpack
10′ coiled leash
2 X 6″ fins
Repair Kit
Solo Paddle™
Paddle bag
Accessory bag
RETAIL COST: $1,249.00

PauHana Solo SUP paddleboard kit
What’s in the kit? 10’10 inflatable SUP, drybag backpack, 10′ leash, 2X fins, mini pump, Solo Paddle™, Paddle bag, Accessory bag, Repair kit and an adventure just waiting to happen.

Drybag Backpack:  Multiple Uses for Next Water Adventure

Building a full kit SUP design to fit into a lightweight backpack wasn’t easy, but the Pau Hana Surf Supply crew has never stopped at easy. They rethought the carryall to become a drybag case because the water is where we play. Whether salty or fresh, our stuff needs to stay dry whether packing overland to the next destination or paddling down a whitewater river. More than just a backpack, Pau Hana’s design does double duty, from being a hauler to get your board to the lake, to an active container to hold your stuff while paddling, all the while keeping it dry.

PauHana Solo Backcountry drybag
Good looking, lightweight and super functional, the team at PauHana Surf Supply has created the most convenient carryall for an inflatable SUP yet.

The Solo SUP™ Backcountry backpack is also lightweight and made from environmentally friendly TPU. It includes a fully detachable harness that can be stowed inside the bag or attached to a bike with a strap or carabiner. It includes daisy chain webbing and an additional outside pocket for storing extra gear.

The entire package weighs only 22 pounds. Using ultra lightweight drop stitch technology, Pau Hana has created a board that is both durable and convenient. The pack has extra space for drinks, snacks, and apparel or whatever you normally take on day hikes or overland travel.

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Easy to pack, easy to paddle.  Solo SUP™ will revolutionize how you look at the world you want to paddle.

Retailers! Easy to Ship Package Saves Tons on Freight

If you’re a retail shop owner, the Solo SUP™ is prepackaged in a clean, good looking 21 x 9 x 10 inch box that is easy to label for UPS and drop ship to your favorite customers. It also saves yardage in retail floor space as well as storage. All aspects of Solo SUP™ are crafted intelligently to be efficient and get paddlers out on the water.


Aloha. See you out there!

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