Welcome to Foil Days: Foiling & Wing Foiling on the Canary Islands

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Welcome to Foil Days, a new video featuring Nicole Boronat and Stephane Etienne as they foil their way through the waters in the Canary Islands. Sit back and enjoy the journey.

Foil Days in the Canary Islands with Nicole & Stephane

Watch Nicole Bororat and Stephane Etienne in this short video by Alfredo Vera as they embrace the power of flight on a wing and a foil. No strangers to water sports, Nicole and Stephane showcase the different forms of foiling by wing foiling, foiling and tow surf foiling in this 2-minute film based on the Canary Islands .

Featuring the F-ONE Swing Wing and wetsuits by Manera, this duo has the right equipment to foil their way around the world. And, they often do. You can follow Stephane and Nicole’s journey on Instagram @stephanenicole_lovers .

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