What People are Saying about the Blayze Video Analysis Coaching Program for Paddlers?

Zane Schweitzer Starboard SUP Nate Lawrence
The incomparable Zane Kekoa Schweitzer, Not only a powerful athlete and competitor but also a thoughtful and articulate coach for Blayze. Photo by: Nate Lawrence/Starboard SUP
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Uptick your performance level for both stand up paddle racing and/or surfing by getting a professional video analysis done by Connor Baxter or Zane Schweitzer on Blayze!

Connor Baxter for Blayze coaching

Blayze Coaching:  What are People Saying?

The Blayze coaching program offers innovation and an individualized video analysis of your paddling technique through top tier coaches including World Champion Connor Baxter and 2X Ultimate Waterman champion Zane Kekoa Schweitzer. This easy-to-use online platform offers paddlers a chance to work with Connor and Zane by uploading videos of their own paddling technique and then having it broken down step-by-step by these two Starboard SUP team athletes. Feedback will include individualized suggestions on stroke mechanics, body positioning and additional secrets from the masters.

Connor Baxter Blayze online coaching SUP Surf

Here is what people are saying about the Blayze new video coaching platform!

Using Blayze Coaching is a great way to work with the world’s best athletes! It will change your game in whatever sport you participate in. I highly recommend this coaching platform for everyone from beginner to professional. I will be signing up for many more sessions. Just waiting to get on the water and apply what the world champ taught me!”
– Alex Mauer

Had a session with SUP world champ Connor Baxter which was really professional. I am a national team coach in kayaking myself so I knew what I wanted to get from the session, and I got it and more! I really appreciated Connor’s coaching style with both his own experiences and an easy/understandable ‘bio mechanics language’. The Blayze platform worked both fast and really easy!”
– Danny Hallmen

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