Naish Inflatable S25 SUP Range offers Value, Design & Dependability

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Value, design & dependability:  Watch Naish’s video for the full spectrum of inflatable boards from recreational to fitness and SUP racing, including a board designed exclusively for women. Get stoked to get on the water this summer with Naish S25 SUP inflatables.

Naish Inflatable S25 SUP Range: Diversity & Quality for Every Paddler

The Naish Inflatable S25 SUP range is a concise line wherein consumers can make very clear choices about what their needs are and which board will benefit them the most.

One Design:  Lightweight and durable, the Naish 12’x30″ One Design fits the space between a hybrid race & touring board. Serves beginner paddlers to entry level racers

Nalu SUP: Naish offers two sizes, Nalu 10’6 x 32″ and 11’6 x 34″ in this all-around recreational inflatable SUP. Sturdy and reliable.

Alana:  Made specifically for women, the Naish Alana board comes in 3 designs.
10’6 x 32″ All Around: Fun with the family, touring or surfing small waves
11’6 x 32″ Fusion: Superior stability with a shape to offer maximum speed
12’6 x 30″ One Design:  Speed & straight tracking for longer tours or built to whip for a woman who gets into racing.

Crossover: 12′ x 34″ Fusion:  Fast & efficient versatile design. One board for both SUP and/or Windsurfing. Center handle transitions to allow windsurfing mast to sit flush to board.

Glide Range: The Glide range by Naish bridges the gap between the Maliko racing board and the entry level inflatables. They offer enhanced performance, stability and easy paddling. The Glide represents a Touring board built for both fitness & speed.
12′ x 34″ Touring
12’6 x 32″ Fusion
14′ x 30″ Fusion

Maliko SUP: A competitive inflatable SUP racing board
14′ x 25″ Fusion carbon: Single carbon stringer for max stiffness & superior speed
14′ x 27” Fusion carbon: Single carbon stringer for maximum stiffness & speed

There you have it!  Stay tuned for MORE from Naish as they create, innovate and push the boundaries of what your SUP can do.