Five Countries in a Week via SUP: Bart de Zwart & Franz Orsi’s Tour through Europe

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When passionate paddlers like Bart de Zwart and Franz Orsi take their inflatable SUP’s on a tour through Europe, the result is stunning imagery, a plethora of history and experiences to last a lifetime. Watch four well-crafted, short one-minute videos below offered by Starboard SUP and shot by Franz Orsi featuring Bart de Zwart. Experience five European countries in one week as they stand up paddle & windsurf through Europe during the Summer of 2019.

SUP Travel.  Kind of makes you want to dream, doesn’t it?

Bart de Zwart Starboard SUP Europe

Ireland: Majestic Beauty, Magic & Mystery

Bart de Zwart and Franz Orsi arrive in Ireland to explore the Cliffs of Mohar on their inflatable stand up paddleboards, including the Starboard Inflatable 12’6 x 30 Deluxe Single Chamber with a SUP windsurf option. Celebrating the countryside, culture and music of the Irish people, Bart and Franz visit Lough Key and the island that holds McDermoot’s Castle. Bart tries his hand at surfing the inflatable touring board at Bundoran, catching some long rides to much amusement from the locals.  It is a dynamic tour through the many facets of Ireland’s majestic beauty.  Next, the duo travel to Holland for more adventure…

Holland:  Home of Tulips and European History

Holland’s famed landscape is home to legendary SUP explorer Bart de Zwart in Loosdrecht. There, outside the sailing school his parents used to run, they rig up the Starboard SUP Windsurf Inflatable – a windsurfer that attaches to an inflatable SUP – a stellar Starboard combo & mega travel hit for everyone, to teach the locals how to both paddle and windsurf.

Witness the power and beauty of Bart’s paddle through the tulip fields of Holland’s iconic beauty hosted in the Netherlands. Next, they travel to Delft to explore the city and paddle among the large ships in the marina. Not exactly allowed, but Bart uses his hometown charm to make the mission happen. Follow them to Belgium for their next stop!

Belgium and France:  Architectural Diversity & Massive Charm

The boys arrive in Ghent and Strasbourg next. Ghent’s cobblestone streets and medieval charm are the perfect backdrop for our modern day explorers traveling by SUP.  Bart explains that although the city is busy on the streets, he finds room on the water where he can paddle in peace amid the noise & chaos of the urban setting.

In Strasbourg, they experience a diversity of architecture from Gothic cathedrals to the modern glass and steel structure of the European Parliament, considered to be the center of “all the important decision making in Europe.”  Strasbourg’s charm is unmistakable and will draw you in. Next stop, Switzerland!

Switzerland:  Towering Peaks and River SUP

In Bern, Switzerland, Bart accomplishes the last paddle on the trip on the rushing river to culminate their one week & five country tour of Europe. From Ireland, to Holland, Belgium, France and Germany, they’ve explored bustling cities and isolated coasts in an all-encompassing experience of SUP, showing the vast versatility of this mode of adventure tourism.

They drive deeper into Switzerland as they go looking for wind on Brizensee Lake for a final windsurf session. Up in the mountains, they witness Switzerland’s towering peaks, rig up the sail and Bart sets off the explore the coastline along the lake harnessing the wind on this final stop on their adventure.

This kind of wanderlust experience whets the whistle for MORE videos to experience the different places we can explore on SUP. From Turkey to Barbados, Macedonia to Austria, the world is vast and covered with water. Send us your stories!  We’d love to hear about your greatest SUP travel.  Aloha & thank you, Starboard SUP!

SUP & Windsurf Equipment Used in Video:

Starboard Touring Inflatable 12’6 x 30 Deluxe Double Chamber: (blue board)
Starboard Touring Inflatable 12’6 x 30 Deluxe Single Chamber ( SUP Windsurfing option): (white board)
Enduro Paddle (adjustable) in Tiki Tech Construction:
SUP Windsurfing Sails:

Thanks for all the good times, Starboard! See ya on the next round. Aloha.
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