Julien Bouyer Sails Around Island of Re on Wing Surfer

Julien Boyer Naish wing Sebastien_RICHARD_DSC_6883
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Naish team rider, Julien Bouyer took his Wing Surfer on the ultimate journey, a tour around his home island, the Île de Ré in France.  Check out the video and photos below to enjoy the ride with him!

What is a Wing Surfer, anyway?

The Wing Surfer is the ultimate hand-held surfing wing.  It is a unique cross between kiting, windsurfing and foiling. By harnessing the wind, the Wing Surfer lets you transform your stand up paddleboard or SUP foilboard into a whole new riding experience with no rigging, no hardware and no strings attached.

Julien Boyer Naish Wing foil Sebastien_RICHARD_DSC_6877
Photo by: Sebastian Richard

Foil on Safari in France

Julien Bouyer, better known as Juju, reports it took him about 3 hours and 39 minutes to traverse the 68KM perimeter of his home island.  He was followed by his brother Camille and father in a boat for the trip.

Julien Boyer Naish wing Sebastien_RICHARD_DSC_6883
Photo by: Sebastian Richard

Of course, being Juju, he didn’t just sail but brought the wing to hover, jump and fly his way around Île de Ré in a spectacle of foil in flight.

Julien Boyer Naish wing Sebastien_RICHARD_DSC_6873
Photo by: Sebastian Richard

Julien completed the 68KM circumnavigation without a break and without using a harness.

It was long and sometimes hard, but mostly super fun… I did some good jumps under the bridge.” – Juju

Julien Bouyer Naish wing surfer
Photo by: Camille Bouyer

Whenever we see this young Naish team rider, he is always grinning like he is up to something mischievous.  We are sure his new WingFoil record of traveling around Ré Island is one his contemporaries (like his brother, Camille) will try to beat!

Julien Boyer Naish Slingwing Sebastien_RICHARD_DSC_6914
Photo by: Sebastian Richard

Where was Camille?

Camille couldn’t make this journey as he is recovering from recent hand surgery.  It will be several months before Juju’s brother will be able to sail again.

Julien Boyer Naish Wing foil
Photo by: Camille Bouyer

It’s a whole new way to fly!  For more information about the Wing Surfer, you can check out the Naish website at:  https://www.naishsurfing.com/product/wing-surfer

Good luck out there & have fun!

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