GenRation: Next Level of Performance in SUP Surf Design

GenRationX team Sean Poynter, Ian Cairns, Daniel Hughes
Team of Legends: GenRation represents talent and innovation from the bottom to the top.
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Sean Poynter steps it up by developing a new design and brand of surf shapes.  Welcome to the launch of GenRation SUP: a collaboration between World Champion SUP surfer Sean Poynter and Sunova Surfboards to create next level performance with better, more sustainable gear.

Sunova GenRation Sean Poynter
Sean Poynter builds a board brand to bring riders to the next level of performance in SUP Surfing, co-branded by Sunova and launched this week.

GenRation: Sustainable Surf Brand with High Performance Attitude

GenRation is a new dynamic line of SUP surf boards created in collaboration with ocean-enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and champions. This brand embodies the waterman lifestyle inspired by self-betterment and next-level performance. GenRation’s new team is on a heart-inspired journey to develop sustainable and quality waterman products in conjunction with world-class surf, paddle and wellness experiences. Get ready to get motivated!

GenRationX team Sean Poynter, Ian Cairns, Daniel Hughes
Team of Legends: GenRation represents talent and innovation from the bottom to the top.

GenRation represents a strong partnership between legendary surf and paddle board manufacturer Sunova Surfboards & world champion Sean Poynter in the creation of a ‘GenRation Edition’ edition of boards shapes defining next-level performance. A dynamic team sets the bar with high performing stand up paddle (SUP) surfboards and accessories. Soon in the lineup will be GenRation’s traditional surfboard shapes and foil boards designed to take your surfing to new heights.

“The personal goal of becoming the best stand up paddle surfer in the world has led to the creation of boards that have allowed me to be the best surfer I can. GenRation represents the boards to take me there.” – 2018 APP World Champion Sean Poynter.

Daniel Hughes GenRation Surf SUp
Daniel Hughes is flying high as his performance soars on new GenRation surf shapes and paddles.

“I have never performed at this level of surfing. I credit GenRation for this success by not only providing the best equipment I have ever ridden, but by also giving me the best team I have ever been part of!” – USA team member and Pan American Games Bronze Medalist, Daniel Hughes.

Rebranding of SUP ‘n’ Surf Retreat Includes GenRation Xperience

GenRation Xperience (GRXP) is where the waterman experience comes to life. GRXP is the rebranding of Poynter and Ian Cairns’ popular SUP ‘n’ Surf Retreat (, but now includes a full lineup of surfing disciplines (shortboard, longboard, SUP, foil) where participants can expect to receive personalized world-class coaching in tropical destinations across the world. Blended with GenRation’s equipment choices, these retreat camps will accelerate skills faster than ever.

GenRation new SUP board lineup
Sunova’s ‘GenRation Edition’ board models includes: SP25, SP24, Kanga and Wedge

Meet and greet: Come check out the team! GenRation ambassadors will be in New York to showcase boards and abilities at the 2nd stop of the APP World Tour in Long Beach, NY. Here the team will be in full exposure with coach with surf legend Ian “Kanga” Cairns, and athletes Sean Poynter and Daniel Hughes showcasing the new board line in competition among the best in the world. Sunova ‘GenRation Edition’ board models, SP25, SP24, Kanga and Wedge will all be on view for individuals wanting to see them in person. The team will be competing during the surf portion of the APP event. Dates are Aug 31st-Sept 5th. Learn more at

To learn more about GenRation (GR) and their products and services, visit

Sunova GenRation pintail stand up paddle surf
Beautiful board design plus sustainability all in one. We look forward to hearing more from GenRation Designs!
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