Have You Seen Blurr’s Board, the BlurrV2? The Costa Rica Sessions

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From Manhattan to sunny SoCal, Gran Canaria to Costa Rica, the legend of Dave Boehne lives. Here is Blurr in a recent shred spring session in Costa Rica sporting the Infinity BlurrV21 production board 7’5″ x 24.5″ x 72L.

Blurr V2 & Foil Board from Infinity

The Brown Blurr, aka Dave Boehne of Infinity SUP, takes us through a series fun looking waves from a recent sojourn to Costa Rica this past spring in this video.  And speaking of SPRING, he’s coiled and unleashed in the surf, making the Blurr V2 he’s riding snap and trim down the faces of some shreddable waves.

And … you know it’s coming. Then, he tantalizes with the new Infinity Tombstone foil board to make those smaller, less punchy days look like a helluva lotta fun as he lifts and glides down the line on a hover craft of his own making.

Looks like Blurr spent good time in Costa Rica upping his competition game for the 2019 APP World Tour 😉  Git ready to see some shred action from this guy at the NY SUP Open!