PaddleWoo Podcast with Standup Journal Publisher, Evelyn O’Doherty

Standup Journal Evelyn ODoherty SUP Surf
Standup Journal owner, Evelyn O'Doherty rides out another northeast winter from the up close perspective on the water. Staying connected 24/7, 12 months a year is a secret to her success. Photo by: Claudia Patino Tarlow
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Standup Journal’s new owner/publisher, Evelyn O’Doherty talks with Portal Surf Design shaper & PaddleWoo Podcast host, Erik Antonsen in this fireside chat on everything from surfing through northeast winters, buying Standup Journal and riding shotgun with the APP World Tour.

PaddleWoo Podcast with Evelyn O’Doherty of Standup Journal

Erik Antonsen is a force to be reckoned within the stand up paddling industry.  He is a dynamic, progressive board shaper with his innovative SUP Surf shapes at Portal Surf Designs, he is a co-host of sorts to Chase Kosterlitz’s Blue Zone SUP Surf Camp in Nosara, Costa Rica, podcast host at PaddleWoo Podcasts and the inspiration behind one of the greatest SUP Surfing films of all time, the Progression Project.

Beyond that, Erik is just stoked. He is a pleasure to talk with to raise your vibe, energy level and get you frothing to get on the water.

Here is a recent PaddleWoo podcast I did with Erik where we cover everything from winter surfing in Montauk, NY to taking charge at Standup Journal, as well as my role with the APP World Tour.  Thanks for another great convo, Erik!  See you on the water real soon.

– Evelyn