Enter the SwitchBlade: Double-Bladed Paddle to Eliminate Switching Sides

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Now, you can paddle without ever having to switch hands! Enter the SwitchBlade, a double-sided paddle you can maneuver with ease for recreational paddling and speed for distance & race.  Check out the video below to view the SwitchBlade in action.

Double Your Fun with Full Carbon Paddle Double-Bladed Paddle

The STAGE SwitchBlade CF100 features a 100% carbon fiber shaft plus paddle blade to create the stiffest and lightest SwitchBlade available. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the SwitchBlade CF100 reduces fatigue, and increases your ability to paddle longer.

Just ask TIM GOERING who paddled it 80-miles from Bimini to the Florida coast!

The STAGE SwitchBlade comes in both the carbon and aluminum constructions. Each style features adjustable lengths in the paddle shafts using a two cam-levers system to lengthen and shorten between differing paddler’s heights. The cam-lever adjustment also allows for easy feathering of the blades and paddling in windy conditions.

What’s even more important:  the paddle breaks down into 5 pieces for easy storage!  The SwitchBlade makes paddling ever more accessible. Who doesn’t want to paddle longer?

STAGE switchblade smiling dog
The SwtichBlade from STAGE offers ease of paddling so you can carry your BFF on board and not worry about maneuvering the paddle over/around their heads! Photo by: STAGE Ideas

SwitchBlade Paddle:  How it Works

The SwitchBlade paddle is similar to how a kayak paddle is used. STAGE takes the same methodology and applies it to stand up paddle boarding. This method of having a double-bladed paddle creates a steady rhythm and provides better balance with increased maneuverability. The SwitchBlade is great for beginners who are learning to balance on their boards as well as paddlers who love to run rivers or paddle into currents and small waves.

STAGE suggests, you never will lose momentum or time again by switching the paddle from one side of your board to the next. The innovation of the STAGE SwitchBlade allows travelers to paddle efficiently without needing to switch sides every few strokes and swap hands.

Who’s IN?

To find out more about STAGE IDEAS and the SWITCHBLADE Paddle, check out their website here: STAGE IDEAS/SWITCHBLADE SUP

As ever, give us your thoughts and perspectives! We’d love to hear your experience with the SwitchBlade!  Aloha.



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