F-ONE on the Glide: Maliko Run downwind video

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Another day of downwinding paradise on the Maliko Run. F-One SUP team rider Josh Riccio showcases the joy and passion this body of water offers those who step into its energy. In this short video, Josh and Nalu Sampson ride the glide for maximum pleasure.

Maliko Run:  9-Miles of Downwind Paradise

Maliko Gulch hosts a multitude of outstanding paddling events, including canoe, surfski, SUP and prone. It is considered the gateway to big ocean adventure and a body of water the Hawaiians consider sacred and to be respected.

In this short video, Josh Riccio, an M2O champ, rides his F-One 14′ DW Race Pro, dancing on the waves with the ability of a cat. Filmed by friend and fellow waterman, nalu_Sampson67 who slides along behind & next to him to capture this incredible footage from an amazing day.

Definitely a course to put on your bucket list.  There are plenty of guides on Maui to take you on your 1st Maliko Run if you ask nicely and remain respectful. Check out Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui for ‘commuter tips’ on the Maliko Run. Always give thanks to the water, first.  Our life force and blood.