SUPhipster Carries Board So YOU Don’t Have To!

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When purchasing a stand up paddle board, one of the key selling points is whether the buyer (YOU) can lift and carry it easily to bring it to the water. Well, what if there were a NEW DEVICE that takes all the stress out of the carry?

Welcome, SUPhipster: the new carry-all harness for your SUP!

SUPhipster:  Carrying a Paddleboard with Ease & No Hands

What is the SUP Hipster? It is likened to a belt version of the hook-shaped racks used by surfers to carry surfboards on a bicycle. As the name cleverly suggests, the hook hangs off your hip.

Paul and Jeremy of Townes & Co created  this harness to help paddlers carry boards using a hands-free system that goes around the waist. The board rests in the above mentioned hook on the paddler’s hip, making the carry of a SUP board suddenly so easy!

Check out the video above to learn more about how SUPhipster works.

For convenience, for transportation and for great gift giving, the SUPhipster provides ease and maneuverability in SUP carrying.  Stay tuned for a full Gear Review to come here at Standup Journal Online.

For more information about SUPhipster, check out the website:

Aloha & see you on the water~