Pau Hana Ohana Creates Memories in New Zealand on Giant iSUP

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Stand up paddle with your favorite buddies on your inflatable SUP as you explore uncharted waters and search out new terrain?  Yes, please.

Take in this hilarious and jaw dropping video from New Zealand as the Pau Hana crew launches their 15′ Giant iSUP – the Oahu Nui – to explore New Zealand’s back waters, play within the waves and even make a grand attempt at river surfing. You’ll see the multi uses of this caravan cruising iSUP and dial up your besties to get out there and get on an adventure.  That’s a promise.


Pau Hana 15′ Oahu Nui inflatable SUP brings people together

“We took the 15′ Oahu Nui inflatable paddle board to New Zealand to explore the country with friends and family. We took this board surfing, touring, on the river, over a waterfall and to many picnics with the kids. The Oahu Nui is all about bringing people together and having fun!”

Weighing only 59lbs, it deflates to fit in back of the car and you can even check it in as luggage at the airport. Read more at:

That’s the Pau Hana way!

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