Infinity SUP Releases BLURRv2: High Performance Shortboard Style SUP

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Shaped by Dave Boehne with input from World Champions Kai Lenny & Izzi Gomez, Infinity SUP releases the ‘BLURRv2″, a super exciting high performance shortboard style SUP for 2019.  Check out the finer points in the video below:

The BLURRv2:  Traditional Outline with Modern Features

Let’s take a look: The original BLURR board was one of the first performance shortboard style SUP’s of its day. Standing out from Infinity’s popular B-Line board with its rounded nose with a wider jet tail, the BLURRv2 hosts more of a traditional outline for surf SUP.

  1.  Step Rails:  The first thing you notice about the BLURRv2 is the step-rail. Boehne re-embraces this feature as a way to move volume away from the rails and into the center keeping the volume under the feet and a nice low profile rail in the water. The BLURRv2 outline is more traditional as it’s widest point is in the center and then curves to the nose and tail from there for a nice flowing curve in the outline. Step Rails have been around for decades in the surfboard world and Boehne has been applying them to SUP design dating back to 2011. Fans of the SUP movie “H2indo” might notice Slater Trout and Boehne himself riding boards with step rails in the film.

2.  Pin tail: Boehne says the BLURRv2 is “really aggressive” with its pulled-in mini wing and pin tail.  The dynamic of the pulled-in tail gives more grip in hollower parts of the wave. The BLURRv2 also has moderate rocker throughout the board and a concave all the way through along the bottom.

The effect of this new outline gives the board a “nice carve-y feel with smooth transition rail-to-tail,” says Boehne. It flows a little more where the Infinity B-Line & RNB are more stable.

Kai Lenny Infinity SUP APP World Tour Blurrv2-2
Kai rode the BlurrV2 at the 2018 NY SUP Open in Long Beach, NY. Photo by: John Carter/APP World Tour

BLURRv2 Construction: Carbon Frame and Stringer for Flex, Twist & Coil

3.  Carbon frame, stringer & rail accents: The updated BLURRv2 board from Infinity SUP, has a carbon fiber frame that is exposed with an off-axis one-inch carbon fiber stringer running down the center line. Carbon allows for more front to back flex and, coupled with its parabolic stiffness, it enables the board to twist, flex, coil and recoil.

4. Bottom shape & contour: The bottom also includes subtle concave and a rocker that falls off the back. The BLURRv2 comes only in a thruster fin set up because how narrow it is at the tail.

Progressive? You bet! This board was ridden by Kai Lenny at the NY SUP Open, first stop on the 2018 APP World Surfing Tour, as well as by Boehne himself in Gran Canaria for the final stop of the Tour.