Starboard’s Lima Paddle: A Quick Review

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Paddles that win: Let’s take a look at the 2019 Starboard Lima race paddle, chosen by Starboard’s team of world champion stand up paddle athletes as their paddle of choice.  See the action in the video below!

Starboard Lima: Highest Performing Paddle in the 2019 Starboard Range

The 2019 Starboard Lima stand up paddle design includes a direct catch and ability to redirect automatically allowing riders to paddle harder and pay less attention to their stroke. Starboard team riders proclaim the paddle’s newly developed shape propels their board’s faster through the water.

Starboard Lima stand up paddle blade face

Lima:  Design Details & Enhancements

The Starboard Lima holds four pronounced concaves in each paddle face contributing to its high performance design. The new rounded tip now features a smaller surface area hitting the water during entry.  The result?  A smooth penetration of paddle blade reducing impact on the shoulders and the rest of the body.

The concave on the Lima’s paddle face guides the water across the blade face controlling the wobble and increasing water flow speed. The concave’s edge is round-shaped at the tip  and becomes sharper as it moves up the paddle face in order to dictate the water flow and stabilize the blade as it slices through the water. A paddler’s power is then transferred into a straight forward motion so athletes don’t have to depend solely on stroke technique in order to maintain forward alignment.

The Lima’s narrow and flat profile allows you to place the blade right next to the rail of your board.  The 10 degree angle on the paddle face creates efficiency in the power phase of every stoke, allowing you to paddle forward straighter than ever before.


Lima:  Construction

Starboard uses long-grain low density balsa core for paddle strength and sensation. This is layered with a double-biaxial carbon coat for better rebound and lightest weight. An ABS rail insert is added along the blade’s entire edge for increased durability and an extended reinforcement along the blade neck adds to greater overall strength.

In the 2019 collection, the Lima comes in two blade shapes:
LIMA LTD (flatwater & race)
LIMA (flatwater).

Let’s get out there and make that racing / flatwater blade happen!  Anybody have a review they’d like to offer up?  Email us at or leave your thoughts in the comments below.