Chris Bertish releases “Limitless! The SUP Crossing” on Unlocking Your Greatest Potential

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Chris Bertish began his 4050 nautical mile journey, crossing the Atlantic Ocean solo and completely unassisted on a stand up paddle board in December 2016. Most of us thought he’d never make it. In fact, 99% of the human population said that it was ‘Impossible’.

Limitless! The SUP Crossing:  Chris Bertish as Motivational Speaker

But then, day after day, Chris forged a new perspective in our collective consciousness. We witnessed as he weathered storm after storm, heaving seas, broken equipment and navigational dysfunctions and yet … he kept going.

His mindset was undeterred. His focus unstoppable. Somewhere after he had passed under the Canary Islands and headed out to sea, straight through the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, one by one, we began to believe. Chris Bertish was going to make the impossible happen.

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In “Limitless! The SUP Crossing“, Chris dives into what it takes to achieve massive success and goals that others might deem impossible. This inspirational talk, created for corporate events, universities and schools, contains rich insight into building a better, stronger, more positive mindset in order to overcome adversity. His presence and intensity will capture you.

The talk dives into who Chris Bertish is and what he’s overcome in order to achieve his goals (which includes winning the Maverick’s 2010 Big Wave Contest after he almost drowned in the first round).

“Limitless! The SUP Crossing” is a glimpse into what happens when we put everything on the line and decide to go the distance. Chris urges his audiences to achieve the impossible through focus, rewiring our personal mindset for massive success and discovering our deeper ‘WHY’ or purpose here on the planet.  His ultimate goal: that we all become better humans.

It is the story of immense grit, passion and courage.  As Chris says, it is the story of “the hero in every one of us.”

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It just might change your life.