Driven by the Wind: A water-drenched video from Tobago Cayes

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Watch this video from Sarah Herbert and her family as they float along the pristine waters of Tobago Cayes, an absolute paddling paradise!

Driven By the Wind:  A Paddler’s Perfect Paradise

Sarah Herbert , a Fanatic / Duotone freerider, and family are currently traveling the world together. In the West Indes, featured here, Sarah is happy to share with you one minute of her water drenched lifestyle. Rest your eyes on this!

Here in Tobago Cayes, the water transports us into a state of maximum abundance.  Enjoy the video and ride the dream.
– Sarah Herbert

Sarah & family find peace, solitude and nourishment in the turquoise clear water of Tobago Cayes. Who wouldn’t want to escape into that pristine pleasure and on-the-water goodness to recharge the tired soul and refresh the spirit?