Lake Murray Hustle: A Disco Themed SUP Race in South Carolina

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Welcome to the Lake Murray Hustle.  More than an ordinary SUP race, this DISCO-THEMED event – the first annual SUP race at Hollow Creek, South Carolina – is here as a harbinger for many races to come!

Lake Murray Hustle Hollow Creek California Republic SUP
The 1st ever SUP race of its kind with a theme: DISCO! Disco music to accompany racers on the water & disco-themed prizes for the winners. What’s not to like about that?!

Lake Murray Hustle:  What’s it All About?

Some races run the usual 6-mile loop and offer the standard cash, cup or prizes for a great day of stand up paddle racing. The Lake Murray Hustle on Saturday, July 20th at 9:00AM at Hollow Creek promises to take that to the NEXT level.

The Lake Murray Hustle, in Lexington South Carolina, hosts a 6-mile loop that navigates around an island to test your current skill and strategy for pulling ahead of other paddlers.  The 3-mile course runs out to the island and back, rather than go around it. There is also a 1-mile race for first timers, more focused on the fun of the adventure than the timing & points.  Race organizers expect around 75+ racers for this inaugural event.

lake murray hustle map
With 649 miles of coastline to consider, Lake Murray has so much to offer recreational paddlers in South Carolina.

Disco Themed Stand Up Paddle Race? Let Your Funk Flag Fly!

But wait, there’s more?  What makes the Lake Murray Hustle different – beyond its spectacular location – is that this is the first DISCO-THEMED stand up paddle race on the eastern seaboard!  Disco music will motivate the paddlers as base beats and rhythms emanate from the support boat and organizers promise ‘cheesy disco prizes’. How about a styrofoam head with an afro wig on as a trophy?  Or sport your super funk by winning a disco-bling necklace.

The fun keeps on giving!

Did someone say “Party Boat”? The Spirit of Lake Murray’s 2-hour cruise is included in racers entry fees! That’s what makes the Lake Murray Hustle a one-of-a-kind event, Aloha!

SUP Races & a Cruise:  That’s a lot to give!

After all competitors cross the finish line (approx 9:00AM to 11:00AM), racers & friends will board the Spirit of Lake Murray boat for a 2-hour cruise (cue the Gilligan’s Island theme song!) along the same race course participants just finished.  Prizes will be awarded to winners while on board in all classes.

The boat docks around 1:00PM when everyone will head to the after-after party two miles away at the Highway 378 Diner.  It’s not just a race, it’s a day of adventure.


Cost:  $60 for all the above.  FYI – $55 of that race fee is given BACK to the Spirit of Lake Murray.  That’s how the race keeps giving!

California Republic SUP Lake Murray South Carolina2

Hosted by California Republic SUP your one stop shop for all stand up paddle instruction, rentals and sales on Lake Murray, South Carolina, the Lake Murray Hustle seeks to put Hollow Creek on the map & support local businesses.  Come on down and be a part of the revolution of fun happening on Lake Murray, S.C.!

About Lake Murray:  Initially constructed in the 1930’s as a hydro-electric generating facility, Lake Murray has become a major recreation destination in South Carolina.  Bordering Lexington, Chapin and Hollow Creek, Lake Murray is 41 miles long and 14 miles wide at its widest point.  Today, Lake Murray is a reservoir covering an area of approximately 78 square miles and hosts 649 miles of coastline.

California Republic SUP Lake Murray South Carolina
California Republic SUP sits in the Hollow Creek section of Lake Murray, just waiting to give you the aquatic experience of your dreams in South Carolina.

About California Republic SUP California Republic SUP specializes in sales, instruction, rentals, summer camps, fitness and SUP events on Lake Murray at Hollow Creek. Their commitment is to offer the best SUP instruction and “create positive change in our client’s lives. This is what separates us apart from others in the industry.”  Offering positive experiences and professional instruction, California Republic SUP is like coming home to Lake Murray!

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