People Doing What’s Right & What’s Rad on the Water: Ohio River Clean Up

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Clif Bar recently teamed up with a host of other companies to spearhead a massive clean up of the Ohio River, documented by one of Standup Journal’s leading photographers, Ryan Struck.

Check out this one-minute video to get your pulse rate up and inspiration flowing by like-minded folks who love the water!

Celebrating Heroes Standing Up for our Natural Environment

Our vision at Standup Journal is to celebrate those people and brands doing their best & putting forth concerted effort to preserve and protect our natural water habitats.  We are devastated to hear about the conditions on the Ohio River, but heartened beyond belief by this collaborative effort between major companies determined to make a difference.  Bravo, Clif Bar & all involved!

Clif Bar The Good Circle Ohio River Clean Up
The Good Circle crew including Clif Bar team and Ryan Struck, documenteur, participated in a 2-week clean up on the Ohio River

56,088 Pounds of Trash hauled out of 1.5 mile stretch of Ohio River

The Ohio River is one of the most polluted waterways in the United States. As a part of Good Company’s volunteer program thirty-five employees from volunteered with Living Lands & Waters to clean up 1.5 miles of the Ohio River.

Thousands of single-use plastic bottles. Hundreds of car and truck tires. Countless pieces of Styrofoam. Soccer balls and basketballs. Plastic toys. Barge line. 55-gallon drums. Oil cans. Scrap metal. Bedframes. Televisions. Two bowling balls and a hot tub. All told, 56,088 pounds of trash.

That was the haul by the volunteers of In Good Company, a conglomeration of brands & volunteers, who combed the banks of the Ohio River for over two weeks in mid-October 2018.  These modern day heroic volunteers had signed up to full their large compostable trash bags and  load up participating river barges with the the fallout of modern society— thousands of pounds of human garbage.

What the In Good Company team found was astronomical in terms of levels of garbage and debris. 1,061 bags of garbage, 4,191 pounds of random plastic, 279 tires, 1,950 pounds of boats, 2 refrigerators and an accumulated 56,088 pounds of waste.

Thanks for documenting the journey, Ryan Struck. To learn more about this incredibly talented artist/videographer & photographer, check out:

For additional stories about inspiring clean ups, click here:

Other companies to lend a hand included Seventh Generation, Smartwool, Eileen Fischer, Alter Eco, American Licorice Co, Annie’s, Applegate, Effect, FST Logistics, QBP, State Logistics, Timberland, United Natural Foods and more.

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