Portal Surf Designs – Enter the Phantom

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Portal Surf Designs shaper & innovator, Erik Antonsen takes things to the next level with the Phantom, a new custom surf SUP design for the future.

From the Barra to Phantom with Portal Surf Designs

Taking the design elements that made the Barra such a sought after and oft copied board, including Portal’s main objective to find ease in generating speed in midlength surfing coupled with the ability to get radical in turns, the Phantom delivers.

“Easy, relaxed speed … with the ability to surf radically in the pocket when you want.”
– Erik Antonsen, Portal Surf Designs

Named the Phantom when Antonsen decided to go underground with his new design, offering no highlights, no videos, no pictures before its release. The Phantom’s predecessor, the Barra, involved a very open design process. The transparency led to this progressive board being picked up and copied by several other board shapers. So, Portal went dark while shaping the Phantom.

Portal Surf Designs backdrop
Innovation and style plus the ability to achieve radical maneuvers are the signature of Portal Surf Designs

Now, at $1,495 this stand up paddle surf board stands alone at the apex of progressive sup surfing. An innovation of design and craftsmanship.  For further details, check out Portal Surf Designs and talk to Erik.

Hand designed, custom delivered.  Change your world.