Fuerteventura: Canary Island’s paddling paradise

Girls on SUPs Fuerteventura Anja
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In another fantastic SUP adventure, Fanatic Team Rider Anja celebrates  Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands of Spain.

Fuerteventura:  Paddling, Surfing, Exploring Volcanic Landscape

No strangers to paddling in paradise, Anja & Julie (@girls_on_sups), find adventure in the pristine waters of Fuerteventura in this stunning video exploring the aquatic scenery on this tiny island in the Canaries.

Using Fanatic SUP inflatables which make traveling a dream, we follow Anja in this video for a fun-filled and colorful adventure through the rough volcanic landscape of the Canary Islands. Witness Fuerteventura’s sand dunes and beaches as Anja explores every aspect of Fuerteventura’s dramatic landscape through surfing, stand up paddling, hiking and swimming.

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