Kai Lenny: Mavericks Black Walls of Doom

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Kai Lenny’s newest video release features footage from Mavericks in Half Moon Bay, California when the giant awoke on Dec. 20th 2018. As we’ve recently witnessed in Kai’s massive performance at the Pea’hi Challenge in November 2018, this cross over athlete is single handedly redefining the standard and possibility for big wave surfing. Kai Lenny continues to raise the bar & the perspective of what’s possible out there.

“Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity.” – Seneca

We could also say that SUCCESS is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. That is certainly the case with stand up paddle athlete turned big wave surfer: dynamic waterman, Kai Lenny.

Kai’s lifetime of preparation, study and love of big waves leads him to this moment in waterman history where is he redefining the parameters of what big wave surfing looks like through his edgy performance style surfing on 40-60 foot waves.

Watch this incredible video footage by @ryanjohnson.mov , @johnnydpbp , @dompdua and @kaiwatermanmedia to see the next level of what’s possible.

Film:  MAVERICKS:  Black Walls of Doom
Filmmaker/Editors:  Ryan Johnson @ryanjohnson.muv
John Decesare/Poor Boy Productions  @johnnydpbp
Dom Padua/Powerlines Productions    @dompadua
Kai Waterman Media