A stand up paddleboard with a translucent river running through it?

Little Bay Boards Michigan Jason Thelan
Little Bay Boards are made in Michigan but are shipped world wide!
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Little Bay Boards, you’ve done it again!  These hand crafted boards, designed by owner/shaper Jason Thelen are truly remarkable and a one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. Check out the vid on the epic new Hollow River Board.  See for yourselves what artisan board quality is all about.

A River Runs Through It

Little Bay Boards makes hand crafted wooden SUP and surf boards from carefully reclaimed wood, hand picked for quality by owner Jason Thelen.

Little Bay Boards is committed to using the finest hand-picked woods in order to create eco-friendly, hollow core boards which provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Every batch is spectacular. Every board is a work of art. Custom boards are available, but get your orders in for 2019! Jason can only create a limited number with his skillful hands every year.

Little Bay Boards, crafted on the shores of Lake Michigan, are now available to be shipped worldwide.

To learn MORE about Little Bay Boards, check out their website:  www.littlebayboards.com

Or follow them on Facebook or Instagram @littlebayboards to begin your dream of changing the way you ride.