The Viking, Casper Steinfath, on China’s Surprising Sup Scene

Casper Steinfath China Naish
Casper Steinfath China Naish
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Always the adventurer, Casper Steinfath can never turn down the opportunity to do something extreme(ly different).  Last weekend, he touched down in the Shenzhen region of China to celebrate the opening of the Mahalo Beach Club and explore the paddling scene there.

What he found was a thriving community. Not only is paddling a popular outdoor activity in China, but – as he puts it- the energy there is amazing.  The experience immediately became legendary.

Casper Steinfath Red Bull Naish China
Casper unleashes that Viking roar for the peeps at the Mahalo Beach Club only to be met with a resounding echo. The sup scene in China is ON. Photo by: Stanley Lam

The Viking on Tour in China

“We will be seeing China as one of the leading stand up paddle nations in the future” – Casper Steinfath

This was my first time to mainland China and, to be honest, I was not expecting to walk into one of the biggest and most stoked paddle communities I have ever seen!

Casper Steinfath China Mahalo Beach Club Naish group
100+ paddlers were present at the Mahalo Beach Club in Shenzhen, a popular city in the southeastern region of China. Photo by:@stanleylvisual

The amount of people on the water for the opening of the Mahalo Beach Club totally blew my mind. I had such a great time exploring new exotic waters and making new friends.

Casper Steinfath China Naish lesson
A fierce water tribe of new stand up paddle athletes gave Casper pause as he saw the potential for a thriving team from China in future World Tours. Photo by: Stanley Lam

A whole new perspective on Chinese water torture

I have a feeling we will be seeing China as one of the leading stand up paddle nations in the future. Their passion for the sport is through the roof and the energy levels of the Chinese people are unlike anything I have witnessed before.

Casper Steinfath China Naish stoke 3
“It never stops amazing me all the crazy beautiful places sup takes me around the world. I’m super thankful I got to see China from the waterside.” – Casper Steinfath

Once the Chinese region starts focusing on building athletes, then we better watch out! I’m super excited to go back and see how the paddling virus will keep spreading in China 🙂

Casper Steinfath China Naish water smiles
Taking the team to the water to show them some Viking tricks 😉 Watch out for the 2019 World Tour when China may unleash the dragon! Photo by: Stanley Lam