“Since 2008”: Behind the curtain at Red Paddle Co

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Red Paddle Co Founder John Hibbard takes a look at the early days of stand up paddling and the inspiration that drew him to conceptualize a board that could be packed down, blown up and taken everywhere.

Innovation, inspiration and a whole lot of perspiration.  Hope you check it out.  Red Paddle Co never ceases to impress.

“We were there, back there, in the early days of the sport when  were still convincing people on the concept of standing up and holding a paddle.”


This year marks the 10th Anniversary of Red Paddle Co, the world’s leading inflatable sup brand’s being innovated into existence. The above video, entitled “Since 2008”, is Red Paddle Co‘s most recent installment in their year-long celebration of their decade of dominance in the inflatable stand up paddle board realm.

John Hibbard, Co-Founder of the brand, narrates this video as a way of offering an exclusive look at the driving forces behind the brand, Red Paddle Co’s team and the stand up paddle industry as a whole.

As with everything in Red Paddle Co’s world, this six-minute video is a real and authentic reveal on just what it takes to innovate and push the boundaries of inflatable technology.

“From the beginning, we set out to create boards that perform for everyone, not just elite athletes, by looking at every part of the paddling experience. The most important thing for us, is to produce the most reliable products.” – John Hibbard

Earlier this year, Red Paddle announced a new two-year warranty on all 2018 boards. Red Paddle Co are the only iSup company in the world to produce their boards in a own private facility pioneering their trademarked, industry leading MSL Technology.

“We’ve learned from our mistakes along the way and listened to the feedback from our customers. In doing so we have been able to continually evolve and innovate both our processes and products,” says Hibbard.

“We’re currently working on some major and very exciting projects,” Hibbard proclaims. “2018 is going to be a big year for Red Paddle Co and the Sup industry”.

Hibbard’s vote of confidence comes just as the brand prepares to make its announcement about the launch of the new sister brand, Red Original.  Red Original offers a wide range of paddle accessories in order to help paddlers take every adventure to the next level with gear, comfort and style.

About Red Paddle Co:

Red Paddle Co is an inflatable paddle board manufacturer based in the UK which is selling its products to 60 countries worldwide. They believe that riding an inflatable paddle board shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on performance, looks or quality. Riding a Red Paddle Co board offers the ultimate in convenience while delivering an authentic experience. Find out more at www.redpaddle.com

Aloha, and thanks for the adventure, Red Paddle Co!

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