Say YES to Colorado adventure with Shaboomee Sup!

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Sharing a day of life in Colorado as the seasons transition. In this video, owner/adventurer Shaine Ebrahimi of Shaboomee Sup and crew decided to ski Aspen Mountain in the morning and, in afternoon, stand up paddled  the Roaring Fork River!

Gotta love the diversity Colorado brings to outdoor snow & paddle sports!

Shaboomee Spirit:  Say ‘YES!’ to Adventure!

Shaboomee team members Shaine, Robby & Aubrey take to the mountains and rivers as they explore the diversity of an ever changing Colorado landscape.  The opportunity to ski then paddle in the course of one day was too tempting for this gang to pass up!  Here’s what Shaboomee Sup creator, Shaine Ebrahimi, has to say:

I wound up skiing in my river sup gear. I wanted to film skiing in my stand up paddling gear,and use a sup paddle instead of ski poles, so that I would capture film segments with the GoPro and edit them seamlessly changing from snow to water to snow to water.

My wish is to illustrate the magic of life in Colorado lived in a ‘Yes To Adventure’ spirit that embraces the wonderful gift of nature and life!”

Watch the video of this great adventure crew as they glide from riding the bumps on Aspen Mountain to charging the waters of Roaring Fork River on the Shaboomee V-Sup (Shaine) and the Shaboomee Hydro Cruiser (Aubrey).