Big Winds says: You can paddle all year long!

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The Big Winds team won’t stop paddling just because the weather gets colder.  They know it’s all about the gear.  Good gear surmounts cold temps every time.  Here’s their latest video showcasing the Starboard Sup Suit, a true revolution in the game of sup.

Starboard Sup Suit:  A way to stay out there for winter paddling

Big Winds again shows us the gear in its greatest light.  In this  video, TJ surprises the neighbors by pulling out his stand up race board when everyone else is thinking of skiing and/or snowboarding.

How can we get out on the water in cold weather?  TJ knows it’s about his gear, specifically, the Starboard Sup Suit which insulates  body heat at the same time as it allows ample movement.  Designed specifically for paddling, this dry suit can make it easier to stay on the water late into the season and get back out there in the spring to do what you love.

Thanks Big Winds!  Always appreciate the knowledgeable content from safety, to fin set up and equipment reviews.

Big Winds, Kite Sup Surf retail, Hood River Oregon
Big Winds stays with it all winter! 207 Front Street, Hood River Oregon

Who is Big Winds?

Big Winds is one of the largest kiteboarding, windsurfing and stand up paddle boarding product and accessory shops in the United States today. Established in 1987 in the Columbia River Gorge in Hood River, Oregon, Big Winds is hosts a staff of experienced players who are supremely passionate about watersports and equipment and who are qualified to offer expert advice on the products within their store any day. In addition to offering an enormous rental/demo fleet for all levels of riders, the Big Winds windsurf and stand up paddling school is one of the best in the Pacific North West. Stop by and say ‘hi’ to TJ and the gang to get the information and quality equipment you need for your next great adventure.