Seychelle begins online training on Paddle Monster

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Looking for a way to stay motivated this winter?  Check out Paddle Monster‘s online training platform to keep YOU fit and paddle ready for the season ahead.

This comprehensive, stand up paddle specific training program includes world class coaches like Olympic medalist Larry Cain, World Sup Champion Travis Grant, Olympic Paddle Strength Coach for the Canadian Team, Chris Chapman, Surfski & Kayak coach Teneale Hatton and Women’s Elite paddler Seychelle.

Paddle Monster master coach Seychelle discusses her online training program(s) for paddle racers and endurance paddlers in this video.

Paddle Monster coach Seychelle explains online training

Seychelle’s deep connection to the water is a part of her history of growing up in the Florida Keys.  She earned her US Coast Guard Master’s license and was a dedicated sailor before she burst onto the paddleboarding scene with her infectious energy and seasoned grit in 2013.  Her experience as a personal trainer and a certified yoga teacher makes Seychelle uniquely qualified to provide yoga, warmup, and recovery instruction along with interval work and endurance trials for stand up paddlers on the Paddle Monster online training platform.

Coach Seychelle will be in charge of four different paddle training groups.   She has three levels for warm-climate paddlers including Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner and will speadhead a fourth group focused on long, paddle-endurance races.

Seychelle will work with Coach Chris Chapman – Olympic Paddle Strength Coach for the Canadian National Team – to incorporate new videos and exercises into the Paddle Monster strength training program.

Paddle Monster’s membership programs

Paddle Monster’s videos are included in their online training platform.  Strength training visuals are included in All-Access membership only ($50/month).  Basic members ($10/month) have the opportunity to access videos and posts, are able to participate in community and forum discussions with PM’s coaches moderating, but do not have access to the weekly training plans and coaching.

Standup Journal is excited to share select Paddle Monster with you videos in the weeks ahead to entice you to chose a workout and commitment level of your own.

It is not just a training program.  It’s a community & a tribe of like-minded folks who will keep your energy rising straight out to summer.  And then the fun begins 😉

For more information and so sign up, check out:

Aloha, and get out there!