Starboard offers Impossible Performance in Wind & Sup

Starboard industry 2018 brand leader
Starboard industry 2018 brand leader Photo: Georgia Schoenfeld
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Windsurfing was invented in 1967 by Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer.  It quickly became a forerunner for action sports.  Today, it has evolved into a high level professional watersports arena.  From these great roots, come the birth of stand up paddle boarding.  Starboard Sup has been at the front of the action since 1994 creating a leading product and team of athletes that continue to drive the water sports industry forward.  Aloha, Starboard!

Starboard Staff Constructor's Cup photo 1080
Starboard’s windsurfing champion and chief innovator, Svein Rasmussen celebrates with the team another Professional Windsurf Associations Constructor’s Title in 2017. Photo by: Georgia Schoenfeld

Starboard Windsurfing continues to innovate & inspire

When Starboard Windsurfing was founded in 1994, it took the sport to the next level of both accessibility and performance.  With the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) introducing the Constructor’s Title in 2006, the game was on.  Driven by working with the world’s best windsurfers to create the most cutting edge boards, Starboard has taken home 11 PWA Constructor’s titles including the 2017 title.

“A massive thank you also goes out to our team riders, designers and shapers without which none of this would have be possible.”
– Tiesda You, Brand Manager

Fiona Wylde Starboard Sup Sup Racers Brand leader
Starboard’s team of leading athletes have dominated the Sup Racer’s brand rankings over the years and 2018 is looking like more of the same! Photo by: Georgia Schoenfeld

Starboard Sup continues to lead Brand Rankings

On the paddleboard side, Starboard Sup has been leading Sup Racer’s Brand Ranking since its introduction four years ago.  This industry leader continues to hold the most world titles as well.

“To be involved at the highest level in two sports is an amazing experience and is reflected by our crew’s interest in accelerating the development of our sports on every level.”  –Svein Rasmussen, Chief Innovator.

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