Gear Review: XM Surf More customized Leash Lab

Rob Rojas with his XM Surf More custom leash
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Hey man, where’d you get that leash?

That’s what folks in the line up or on the bays will be asking you when they see what you’ve got.  It’s rad, it’s real and it’s made just for you.

XM Surf More creates the first ever LEASH LAB where riders can customize their own leashes exactly to their needs.  Standup Journal’s online editor recently went through the process of creating/ordering one and here’s what she has to say:


XM Leash Lab:  Custom Leashes Built by You

OK, I’m impressed.  XM Surf More offered to walk me through their customized leash lab process in order to create a new leash for my 2018  sup raceboard.  It was fast, efficient, FUN and the product is high quality goodness.

First, log in to their Leash Lab at:

XM Leash Lab lets you style your strap, colors, strength, thickness of every leash with added optional values according to each rider’s needs.

Stylized leashes customized to your needs

Next:  Pick out your sup (or surf) leash length, thickness and style (as in coiled or straight).

Continue:  Add your desired color, strap (ankle vs. knee), webbing, velcro, rail saver, pull tab… everything.

For bigger waves & heavier boards, definitely add the ‘Power Clip’ for additional strength reinforcement on your leash.  Include the tangle free setting (just do it!) and hit send.

Choosing your leash’s length variations, style, reinforcements and more can make every purchase wholly satisfying and your rides safe out there on the water. Check out XM Surf More’s Leash Lab today.

Creating better riders, one leash at a time

Immediately in my inbox was an email confirmation from XM Surf More thanking me for my purchase.

The next DAY, I received confirmation on the leash’s shipping.

Within 48 hours (no joke!) there arrived on my doorstep my new, personalized leash  in a fantastic fancy-ass LEASH LAB box.  Loved it.  Kept the box for holiday wrapping too.  It’s that nice.

XM Leash lab box XM Surf More
XM Leash Lab knows that presentation and delivery is important. They’ve created a customized process that let’s you know you’re getting your money’s worth in every leash.

Consider the options at XM Surf More: there’s plenty!

You can match your leash to your traction on your board or give a shout out your school colors.  Maybe you prefer the Rasta colors?  Or the Red, White & Blue?  Whatever you want.  It’s available.  XM Surf More has created fully customized leashes.

XM surf more leash lab
Here it is! A fully customized leash from the settings at XM Leash Lab. Stoked to get this thing riding.

Custom Leashes Built By You

So, my leash arrived.  I opened the box.  And grinned.  Perfect color match  (I’m a girl; it’s IMPORTANT), high quality product and they even threw in the rail saver for me.  It’s rad and I’m hooked.

XM Surf More, you just got yourself one more stoked out customer.


By: Evelyn O’Doherty
Standup Journal Online Editor &
year-round, stoked out North East paddler

XM Surf More Leash Lab logo
About XM Surf More:
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