Learning How to Fly: Tips on How to Foil from Signature Surf

Signature Surf Nate van Vuusen foil vid-1
Signature Surf Nate van Vuusen foil vid-1
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HOW TO FLY:  Foilboarding has taken stand up paddling by storm. The pros are all obsessed by it, are developing their technique and everyone wants to try it. Here is a great tutorial on Tips and How To’s for foiling from Signature Surf team rider 15 year-old Nate van Vuuran.

Signature Surf 15-year old team rider Nate V on ‘How To Fly’

One of the key points when catching a wave is to be sure to keep your weight on your front foot and keep your knees bent. When you’re up on a foil it feels like time has stopped and you’re flying through the water.” – Nate V

  1.  First get on a jetski or a boat and get used to the feeling of being towed.  This will give you an understanding of what it feels like to be above the water.
  2.  When progressing into the waves, be sure to choose a beach away from people and other surfers.
  3. When paddling into a wave, be in surfer’s stance and paddle hard!
  4. Keep your weight on your front foot and your knees bent.
  5. When beginning to learn how to turn on the waves, remember to lead with your hips and twist with your upper body towards the wave.
  6. The biggest rule is to get out there and HAVE FUN.

Thanks, Nate!  Looking forward to the next installment from Signature Surf.