Grassracks: innovative board storage solution

Grassracks stand up paddle board rack system
Grassracks stand up paddle board rack system
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Gear Review:  Grassracks are a stylish, safe and organized way to end your board storage challenges.


Grassracks:  Innovative design, easy installation with MAXIMUM storage

“Who gets excited about board racks?”

There are lots of surf and stand up paddle board storage ideas on the market, but nothing worth writing an article about until we ran across Grassracks. We first discovered Grassracks at the Orlando Surf Expo. Our first thought was, “Who gets excited about board storage racks?”

Then we started paying attention to their brand message. We got excited.

The reasons are simple.  Just like cameras capture adventures through pictures and videos, a good board rack allows you to display boards and access  favorite memories at a glance.

Before the creation of Grassracks, racks were just for storage. But now, with Grassracks’ innovative design, they are strong, stylish, and efficient. They are made to keep favorite boards safe from dings and damage.

Key aspects about Grassracks

1. Design

Grassracks uses a proprietary and easy-installation mounting system that makes the racks adjustable and interchangeable with their other products. Each rack is angled to be space efficient while still giving you easy access and visibility to your boards. This keeps them safe from dinging other boards and perfect as a display piece in your home.

2. Safety 

All Grassracks products are made from an incredibly resistant and attractive bamboo that is more than strong enough to keep your boards safe from falls and dings when not in use.

3. Looks

The racks are eye-catching. They are both sleek and stylish. The bamboo grain is gorgeous.

4. Eco-friendliness 

One of the cool things about the dudes that own Grassracks is their no-BS business policy with the environment and people. They are constantly making tweaks and improvements to their products to make them more eco-friendly. Bamboo was a good start, but they also make their spacers from their drop pieces use soy baggies for hardware instead of plastic, and have recently switched their finish to a Low-VOC finish that is made using whey protein that is byproduct from a small organic dairy farm in Vermont.

5. The Good People Rule

One of the other things that stood out about this brand is their “Good People Rule”. They refuse to work with people they don’t like or that they don’t think conduct ‘good’ business ethics. They have a theory that we can all make the world better but only by supporting good people. That means people that are honest, considerate, and respectful of the environment and the living things that call it home.

Grassracks:  Made in the USA

Did we mention that their products are made in the USA?

Grassracks’ product line offers something for everyone. Their staple standup paddle products have always been wall mounted horizontal sup racks, but recently, the brand has expanded that line to include vertical wall-mounted and Freestanding Racks as well which is perfect for homes and shops that need mobility and don’t want to put their SUPs on the wall.

Take a few minutes to check out their offering and find a few perfect holiday season paddle boarder gifts for yourself or the aquatic warriors in your life!

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